Building Movement Project

About the Building Movement Project

What We Do

The Building Movement Project develops research, tools, training materials and opportunities for partnership that bolster nonprofit organizations’ ability to support the voice and power of the people they serve.

How We Do It

For over a decade, BMP has been advancing the potential for nonprofit organizations to have an impact in building movements for progressive social change. We help organizations to align their social justice principles with their operating practices. Our practical resources and creative solutions help organizations innovate to meet the needs of the communities they serve and face the challenges of the external environment. We bring people together, sharing best practices and building bridges that lead to policies and approaches that support equity, fairness and sustainability.

We offer a space for organizations and their allies to rethink how to engage their constituents and create more impact with their work. We provide alternatives to the current assumptions and expectations of how nonprofit organizations should be run, and envision a future in which nonprofits are doing their best work, for better communities.

Focus Areas

The Building Movement Project concentrates on three main focus areas in order to accomplish these goals and further advance social change.  These focus areas are:

Service and Social Change

Developing the capacity of organizations to engage constituents in changing the systems that impact them


Analyzing how organizations can do their best work and encourage leaders at every level by promoting the most effective and inclusive practices

Movement Building

Acknowledging and building on the distinct role of nonprofit organizations in advancing movements for social change

Looking Toward the Future

While these focus areas originally came out of an initial meeting that asked representatives from social change nonprofits to identify challenges and opportunities within the sector for creating change, we continue to adapt how we approach these themes as we move forward.  We are committed to remaining ahead of the curve, challenging stale assumptions, lifting up the challenges and successes of groups on the ground, and providing concrete resources that organizations can use to realize their vision to make real change.

Meet the Team

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