Engage to Change Video Series: Henry Street Settlement

Explore how some nonprofits are shifting the way they engage the people they serve. Learn how community members moved from being recipients of expertise to becoming partners in transforming their own lives, the organization, and the surrounding community. In a series of conversations with a dozen New York City nonprofits, hear the motivation behind engaging clients and community members as agents of change in challenging times.

In this video we interview Jeremy Reiss, Deputy Development Officer & Irene Alladice, community member with Henry Street Settlement.


About New York Foundation
The New York Foundation is a steadfast supporter of community organizing and advocacy. Our grants support community-initiated solutions to solve local problems, constituents mobilizing for adequate and equitable resources, and groups organizing a collective voice among those whose voices have not been heard.

2 thoughts on “Engage to Change Video Series: Henry Street Settlement”

  1. New York Foundation says:

    It is really amazing that we have all these resources in one place. It makes it easier to cross reference and make connections with how other people are doing the work!

  2. Caroline McAndrews says:

    I’ve found it’s tricky to make sure that community engagement is authentic as it is here in this video. I’ve found it useful to pair this with a couple of tools here to prepare and monitor community engagement: Increasing Participation and Membership in Community Change (https://tools2engage.org/tools-to-engage/increasing-participation-and-membership-in-community-change/) is a great tool for getting started, particularly when paired with the Community Engagement Assessment Worksheet (https://tools2engage.org/tools-to-engage/community-engagement-assessment-worksheet/). Would love to hear from others how they’re using these videos.

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