Learning Circles for Root Cause Analysis

This handout from BMP offers information and a process to engage staff and constituent partners in learning circles focused on root cause analysis. It describes how to organize the leaning circle, set it up for success and provides tips for the facilitator.

The purpose of a learning circle is to develop a deeper understanding of community problems and issues experienced by agency constituents. The learning circle fosters critical thinking and analysis among circle participants, who begin to form and re-examine their assumptions about their role in community life and their ability to propose solutions for community change.


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One thought on “Learning Circles for Root Cause Analysis”

  1. Caroline McAndrews says:

    I love this tool for any kind of group learning. I’ve been teaching a grad level lecture course this year and have found this model useful for teaching critical thinking skills and moving students beyond personal opinions and begin to examine the reasoning and evidence behind those opinions.

    I wonder if anyone else has been using these tools for teaching and/or have other suggestions on how to teach critical analysis.

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