Building Organizational Capacity for Social Justice

Recognizing that much has been done in the general field of capacity building of the nonprofit sector, the National Gender and Equity Campaign (NGEC) began conducting extensive research to understand existing frameworks, tools and approaches in capacity building.  The transformation framework and accompanying tools within this publication highlight NGEC’s intention to elevate the social justice movement by supporting the development of social justice organizations.

An Advocacy Theory of Change

This tool can be used to design an “advocacy” theory of change. It leads a group through six questions for discussion, provides facilitation tips, and several graphic representations of what final strategies might look like.

Asking Powerful Questions

This publication includes a conceptual framework, examples, agendas and worksheets to learn to and apply asking powerful questions

A Framework of Factors that Affect Political Support

Frameworks can be useful in that they can be customized for a particular organization and its focus. This framework describes three factors that can impact the amount of attention an issues receives:
(1) the actors involved (individuals and organizations);
(2) the story the actors tell about the issue; and
(3) the environment surrounding the organization.
It can be used with an organization to evaluate the impact of the role played by constituents and the organization, and the change in conditions within the environment.